About US

Divas Request Live, Is a diversified entertainment and media company with ventures in music, film, management, production and philanthropy. Directed by our CEO, Caitlin Dwyer. DRL Entertainment combines creativity, with the capability to give the audience the best in entertainment experiences. 

Our goal is to create an environment where all people feel appreciated we want to foster an atmosphere of self-love, empowerment and good old hard work in order to motivate people to find their purpose and help them on the path to go for it. We want to help people create their own reality from our dreams and live their best lives, while succeeding in the entertainment industry. We want you to live everyday with meaning. 

DRL management provides the highest standards for artist management, developing and assembling aspiring talent across the industry. We serve as a management and marketing agency, focusing on the development of unique artists on a worldwide scale, transforming them into the artists they aspire to be. 

DRL is also an entertainment production company, producing a wide range of musical, theatrical and film platforms catering to all audiences. 

DRL also brings you DVAS the “Women Empowerment” Tribute Group, showcasing the greatest Divas of all time and the message of the power of women around the world, that is illustrated by their iconic songs. 





Caitlin Dwyer began her career in the entertainment business while still in college back in 2008, after extensive training in dance, some modeling and acting work since she was 4, Caitlin decided to focus more on the music business.  An experienced artist and an enthusiastic performer, Caitlin Dwyer promotes self-empowerment and the belief that anything is possible with enough hard work.  The development of her style and her evolution as an artist stems from this very belief.

Over the past 10 years Caitlin has worked with a number of recording studios, and producers such as Invite Only and The Practice World Wide, located in NYC, giving her extensive experience in music recording.  She has also performed, both as a solo artist and as part of a group, giving her experience in the art of live performance.  She has had the opportunity to hone her talent by working with and being trained by singing legend Ms. Eve Soto, while also acquiring the knowledge to produce, choreograph, and perform in two music videos featuring her own original songs and that of Artist SavanityDavis.  

Caitlin has more recently been involved with a touring all-girl group tribute band in which she was a principal performer, who also worked tirelessly on costuming, style, music and more in order to enhance the brand of the group.  

Now, Caitlin has moved on to open her own performing arts and entertainment management company.  Divas Request Live, LLC DRL Entertainment is currently working on producing a show centered around all the great Divas of song, and their message of Women Empowerment as well  as managing the careers of up and coming R&B artist Devin Rodriguez.